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Singapore 4th Generation Winston Main Battle Tank 130mm L51 Auto-Loading Gun

for sale to all NATO & Singapore Asia Pacific Defense Alliance Countries


Configured in Singapore full turret & chassis assemble in Slovak Republic


Two-man Auto Loading Medium Weight Turret armed with NATO 130mm L51, French Made Gun


Singapore 4th Generation Winston Main Battle Tank 120mm Auto-Loading Gun

Singapore 4th Generation Winston Main Battle Tank

130mm Auto-Loading Gun


Basic T-21 Turret Foundation Design
Singapore Supreme Tiger Main Battle Tank Auto Loading 120mm Gun
Separate Full Turret with 130mm Gun sale
15 Tons Turret Build & Assemble in Slovak 
with 80% of its components made in France
18 rounds inside the autoloader magazine with additional 22 rounds in the chassis
Turret Specification
ARMAMENT - French 130 mm 51 calibre smoothbore gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve and muzzle reference system. Fumes are exhausted with a compressed air unit.
The gun, which fires APFSD (Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot) and HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) rounds with a firing rate of 12 rounds/minute.

Aiming system is entirely electrical for improved acceleration with Gyroscope stabilisation, which allows cross-country fire-on-the-move against mobile targets.


Automatic loading turret system, 18 rounds of ready-to-use ammunition are carried and armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun co-axial with the main gun and a roof-mounted 7.62 mm anti-aircraft gun.

Remained 22 rounds store on chassis.


Fire Control and Observation - The digital fire control system allows the gunner or commander to select six different targets to be engaged in just over 30 seconds.

Dual firing system for both gunner & commander.


System's digital computer allows real-time treatment of data from the tank's sensors and sights.


The commander has eight periscopes with an HL-70 stabilised panoramic sight from SFIM Industries, now part of SAGEM.


HL-70 includes laser rangefinder, day channel, and second generation image intensifier. Recognition range is 4 km and identification range is 2.5 km


The commander has a display showing the gunner's thermal sight.


Gunner's station is equipped with gunner's main sight, three periscopes and a visual display unit.


Gunner's stabilised sight is SAVAN 20 from SAGEM, which contains a three field of view thermal imager.


Nine launch tubes for the 80 mm grenades are fitted on either side of the turret roof. The system can launch smoke or anti-personnel grenades or infrared decoys.


Carry 3 Tank Crews (Commander, Gunner & Driver)


Singapore 4th Generation Winston Main Battle Tank 120mm Auto-Loading Gun

















 Chassis Body: Made of Steel / Classified Armour Composite




Chassis Specification:



Steel / Classified Armour Composite (write in to us for detail)


2,000 HP with Dual "Two" Diesel 1,000 HP - MT 881 Ka-500


Epicyclic train gearbox, 4 fwd + 2 rev gears



Ground clearance

0.45 metres (1 ft 6 in)

Fuel capacity

1,610 litres (350 imp gal; 430 US gal)

NBC System

 NBC included




Install with Oxygen & Nitrogen Life Support Kit for

River Crossing & Beach Head Landing.


i) Lithium hydroxide System for all Crews


ii) Aquarium oxygen powder mix in water tank

for Diesel Engine Propulsion

(build in next to Engine compartment)







2,000 HP with Dual "Two" Diesel 1,000 HP - MT 881 Ka-500 bottom mounted together after 90 degree rotate to the right & another to the left with additional a power transfer box (2 engines direct drive shaft gears to drive Transmission main shaft)






Chassis build by a Reputable T-90 license Manufacturer






Currently 124 Chassis Sold & Delivered with 100 Follow Up Order





Hydro Pneumatic Suspension




NBC System included






Driver Control Panel Compartment